The Group recognizes its fundamental role in the communities in which it operates. The Group aims to be recognized as an industry leader in corporate responsibility and to this end has embarked on a journey of continuous improvement. 

The Group is committed to contributing to the development of local communities through local employment and corporate responsibility projects. The key drivers for success in these projects have been the Group’s overarching support and the willingness of our personnel to volunteer their time and make donations in support of their local corporate responsibility activities.

For the year ended 30 June 2014 (Reporting Period), the Group has engaged in a broad range of projects across its business with a strong focus on skilled volunteering and pro bono projects. Other activities include sponsorships, fundraising for non-profit organizations and programs to reduce the Group’s impact on the environment.

The Group has maintained a consistent level of financial contribution by personnel members to its corporate responsibility programs, while it has been pleasing to note the significant increases in volunteer hours, financial contribution from operations and the number of locations engaging in projects.


In 2012, the Group revised and updated its Corporate Responsibility Policy to clearly articulate the Group’s commitment and aspirations of corporate responsibility leadership.

The Group adheres to the following commitments:

WorleyParsons is committed to working with our customers and suppliers to achieve results that grow our company, reward our shareholders and our people and contribute to our communities. We acknowledge our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.

Governance, Ethics and Transparency

We maintain the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics, and report our governance performance annually.

We conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner as described in our Code of Conduct and our integrity framework, OneWayTM.

We integrate corporate responsibility in our business planning and decision making and measure, monitor and report our corporate responsibility performance on a regular basis.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset and we support them by providing a work environment that is positive and safe and by committing to their ongoing development.

We promote a diverse and inclusive workplace as outlined in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

We are committed to being recognized as a leader in health and safety performance and have a goal of Zero Harm.

We apply fair labor practices and comply with applicable national and local labor laws of the countries and communities we work in.

We do not employ or condone the employment of forced or child labor.

Human Rights

We will respect the basic rights of the people we deal with and will not be complicit or engage in activities that solicit or encourage human rights abuse.


We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities and environments in which we operate. Our people will be involved in community based initiatives, creating benefits for both the community and our people.

Our locations will support programs and initiatives specific to their locations, and wherever possible, in conjunction with our customers. We will support local businesses, train and employ local people, and utilize other local resources wherever we can.

Fair Operating Practices and Supply Chain

We will actively strive to implement socially responsible supply chain practices and anti-corruption practices working closely with our customers and suppliers as partners.

We expect our suppliers to operate with similar values as ours and will encourage them, where necessary, to adopt similar corporate responsibility policies as our own.


We recognize the importance of operating sustainably and commit to continually identify opportunities for improving our environmental performance.

We believe that all our people are responsible for performing their work in an environmentally sustainable manner. We will continue to deliver profitable sustainability to our customers through our EcoNomicsTM service offering.


During the Reporting Period, the Group reached a number of corporate responsibility milestones, including:

  • Established the WorleyParsons Foundation and a WorleyParsons Foundation Council that governs high impact strategic community projects
  • Updated the Group’s Australian Indigenous Participation Policy to better integrate Indigenous participation to the Group businesses and to reiterate its commitment to first Australians, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people
  • Contributed knowledge and insights to Engineers Without Borders Australia working group in the formation of pro bono engineering standards, guidance and support for engineers
  • Transitioned and implemented the Group’s corporate responsibility reporting process using the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative 4.0 Framework
  • Fulfilled the Group’s second year obligations as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and
  • anti-corruption
  • Continued to deliver sustainability-enhancing services to the Group’s customers through the Group’s advisory service offering.

During the year ending 30 June 2015, the Group intends to:

  • Continue to encourage diverse participation in leadership teams and to improve diversity reporting
  • Further execute WorleyParsons Foundation projects with significant community impact, involving volunteers from across the Group
  • Establish a global energy reduction program for the measurement and management of the Group’s environmental impact on its largest locations
  • Further integrate awareness and importance of road safety within the Group and the communities in which it operates
  • Continue to improve external reporting commitments using the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative 4.0 Framework
  • Further assess corporate responsibility targets, objectives and collaboration with various business lines.


  • In October 2013, WorleyParsons Sarnia in Canada was recognized for its dedication in supporting the Group’s diverse workforce by receiving an inaugural ‘YMCA Cultural Diversity in Workplace’ Award illustrating the Group’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • In October 2013, WorleyParsons Canada was recognized by Mediacorp Canada (and its subsidiary, as one of the Top 100 Employers in Canada’ for 2014. The Group was recognized for its ongoing personnel development with in-house apprenticeships and skilled trades programs, formal mentoring, and a variety of in-house and online training programs, including academic scholarships.
  • In October 2013, WorleyParsons Australia was recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2013’ and ‘Top 10 Graduate Employers for 2013’ by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers Annual Survey. The Top Graduate Employers rankings are the definitive guide to the best places to work for new graduates entering the workforce. The rankings are determined entirely from survey feedback gathered from real and recent graduates who have spent 12 months working with these organizations.
  • In November 2013, WorleyParsons Southwest in United States was named one of the ‘Top Workplaces in Houston’ by Houston Chronicle. More than 68,000 Houston-area employees rated their employers in matters such as advancement opportunities, value of pay and benefits, and communication and management skills of their supervisors. The Group was recognized for its implementation of local communication meetings, management interaction with its personnel and valuing the opinion of its personnel.
  • In February 2014, WorleyParsons Calgary in Canada was recognized for its outstanding support to the United Way’s Campaign Engagement activities. The Group’s personnel volunteered over 1,300 hours of their time to support United Way’s community, educational and volunteer activities and achieved the 2014 ‘Spirits of Gold–Employees Making a Difference’ Award by the United Way of Calgary and Area.
  • In April 2014, WorleyParsons was recognized for its approach to Supply Chain Sustainability in Corporate Responsibility, receiving the ‘Best Contribution to Corporate Responsibility’ Award at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Middle East Conference. 2014 is the second consecutive year that WorleyParsons has received a CIPS award which illustrates its commitment to industry leadership in Supply Chain Sustainability.
  • In April 2014, WorleyParsons Europe was recognized for its ‘approach to occupational safety and health’ in an awards scheme run by the safety charity, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). 2014 is the fifth consecutive year that WorleyParsons Europe has attained the Gold Medal Award and once again illustrates the Group’s commitment to industry leadership in health, safety and environmental performance.




The Group established a WorleyParsons Foundation Council in August 2013 that provides governance to the WorleyParsons Foundation.

The WorleyParsons Foundation objectives are to:

  • Support the execution of high impact strategic community projects
  • Become a vehicle for direct corporate investment, fundraising and volunteering
  • Expand opportunities for the Group personnel to be directly or indirectly involved in foundation activities
  • Raise awareness of WorleyParsons corporate responsibility credentials with its stakeholders.

The WorleyParsons Foundation recognizes and acknowledges the volunteering and fundraising contributions of our personnel through the launch of the inaugural WorleyParsons Foundation Awards. 23 outstanding corporate responsibility activities across 18 countries received a Foundation Award.

Two WorleyParsons Foundation projects commenced in this Reporting Period which will continue for the next Reporting Period:

  • Safe Schools (road safety) project in partnership with the International Road Assessment Programme and the Road Safety Fund
  • Philippines disaster relief project in partnership with non-profits, local businesses and authorities.


The Group measures and focuses on those areas that are important to it, essential to the long term success of its business and desirable to all of its stakeholders.

Contributions by the Group personnel and the Group’s business operations are measured in terms of Australian dollar contributions and volunteer time contributions.

The Group completed a response for the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2014. The Group’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were recorded to assist the Group to measure and reduce its energy consumption and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Group uses the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration reporting requirements for Total Recordable Case Frequency Rate (TRCFR) and Lost Workday Case Frequency Rate (LWCFR).

The Group’s corporate responsibility indicators for the Reporting Period and the year ended 30 June 2013, were:


Contributions by operations

$3.09 million

$2.25 million

Contributions by personnel

$1.75 million

$1.90 million

Volunteer hours by personnel

18,091 hours

10,473 hours







 1 Employees only

As data for greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption is not available until the October after the end of financial year, the table below shows those indicators for the year ended 30 June 2013 and the year ended 30 June 2012, were:


Greenhouse gas
emissions tCO2-e





Energy consumption MWh






1 Person includes employees and contractors.

2 Totals include gas emissions from, and energy consumed by, the Exmouth Power Station, Australia.


The Group undertook various community engagement and environmental activities over the Reporting Period, including:

  • Participating directly in over 380 community based and environmental projects across 26 countries involving more than11,300 Group personnel
  • Contributing over $512,000 towards educational programs from 70 offices 
  • Group matching $531,000 of Group personnel fundraising programs in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Supporting local communities across 68 offices as well as ongoing participation in the Group’s own programs: DeltaAfrik Foundation in Nigeria, We Care program in Canada and various corporate responsibility and local social committees
  • Training in bias awareness for 255 executives and senior managers
  • Engaging 860 members via 37 local committees of the Women of WorleyParsons professional women’s network, with 1,495 participants attending 53 events
  • Providing ongoing support to the Australian Indigenous community by hosting Indigenous business forums and internship job opportunities 
  • Donating blood across nine offices and 446 participants to local health organizations and hospitals
  • Reducing the carbon footprint in a number of offices by encouraging use of public transport, recycling and FollowMe smart printing
  • Engaging in bush regeneration, waste and recycling programs and trail clean-up activities in a number of countries
  • Participating and contributing to various workshops and forums including the United Nations Global Compact and Global Road Safety partnerships.


WorleyParsons Calgary volunteers with Cecile Buhl, Kuen Tang and Murray Smith

Case Studies

WorleyParsons Australia is a proud sponsor of CareerTrackers, a paid internship program offered to full time university students of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander heritage. CareerTrackers is an Australian non-profit organization that works to create career pathways through a structured internship program and future employment opportunities.

WorleyParsons has supported the program since 2011 and currently sponsors six interns across Australia. The program provides students with a chance to contribute to the ongoing success of national and global organizations such as WorleyParsons.

“WorleyParsons is not only a job to us, but it’s our future, it’s my life. Please continue to stick with CareerTrackers – you’re not just getting talented people into WorleyParsons but you’re seriously changing our lives in more ways than you could imagine.”
Todd Crawford, CareerTrackers internship participant, Brisbane.

WorleyParsons Calgary teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre and Parks Canada to escort three people with disability to the iconic Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House. With the use of trail riders (modified wheelchair devices designed to handle uneven terrain), the three participants were safely guided along the scenic 14.2km trail.

The team created an inspiring and remarkable day that will be remembered by all participants. In total, 22 volunteers from the Group’s Calgary office contributed their time in planning, coordinating and participating in this event.

“Thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday! Definitely a highlight [of] my summer and life! The people, the effort, and the whole day [were] incredible!”
Kristi Beetch, Parks Canada Interpretive Naturalist/Guide.

WorleyParsons Singapore has been involved in the foundation of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Asia with Group personnel establishing EWB Asia. WorleyParsons provided seed funds and office facilities to support the initial operations of EWB Asia.

As a non-profit organization based primarily in Singapore, EWB Asia seeks to provide humanitarian engineering aid to communities regionally and locally through projects focusing on the development of technologies and infrastructure.

“The support from WorleyParsons has been invaluable in the start-up of Engineers Without Borders Asia in Singapore, allowing us to focus on the development of pilot programs and projects that serve the needs of communities we are working with.”
Hannah Leong, President, EWB Asia.

WorleyParsons India contributed to the Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH) in support of the implementation of the Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) education and treatment program in BJ Wadia Children’s Hospital. FMCH works in economically underprivileged communities and provides full access to medication and support to young children.

The project ensures children suffering from SAM are properly treated at the hospital and then nourished back to health once they are back in the community. FMCH activities focus on emphasizing disease control and prevention, education to improve domestic child-care and feeding practices like one-on-one nutritional counseling, cooking demonstrations, home visits and micronutrient supplementation.

“The contributions from WorleyParsons India will enable us to support a clinic on malnutrition – the first of its kind – at BJ Wadia Hospital.”
Rosie Penrhyn Jones, Co-Chair, FMCH.

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful on record, destroyed thousands of homes as it tracked across central Philippines in late 2013. The Group’s Transfield Services WorleyParsons (TSWP) Joint Venture office in the Philippines responded and provided its personnel with flexible work arrangements which allowed them to volunteer their time to the relief efforts.

In addition to the volunteer efforts, the WorleyParsons Foundation launched a Typhoon Haiyan Red Cross Appeal that raised a total of $102,000 from around the world. Pro bono advisory and program management services are being provided to support the Philippines long term recovery efforts as part of the WorleyParsons Foundation. This will open opportunities for the Group’s personnel to volunteer their skills in infrastructure and humanitarian relief projects.

“On behalf of the whole team, we are just happy that we can help in this time of need, and our thoughts go out to all the families affected and our prayers are with them.”
Glenn Pollock, Manager of Projects, TSWP Philippines.

The China Graduate Development Organization passionately supports education by leading, organizing and participating in the Schools Education Aid Project. To date, WorleyParsons China has donated clothes and books as well as providing ‘one-on-one’ living allowance funding in support of students in two schools in Laiyuan, China.

Group personnel have volunteered a significant number of hours to help the schools including fundraising activities, collection of clothes, books and other educational material and helping the schools set up a library. Our personnel have also successfully visited the schools three times to establish close contact with the school teachers and students.

“We are keen to give a helping hand to those children in poverty-stricken areas who can have better living conditions to continue their education.”
Karl Qiu, President of WorleyParsons China and Mongolia.